How To Decorate Your Laptop

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Tired of the same boring laptop look? Instead of buying a new laptop, you can give your old laptop a new look by decorating it. Now you might be wondering how to decorate your laptop & is it really possible? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. This article is all you need with the decoration process. 


I’ll mention some of the well-known safe ways of decorating a laptop, which will be both time & cost-efficient. You’ll get everything from steps by steps guide to product recommendation in this article. As a whole, you won’t feel lost following this article if you really want to decorate your laptop. Without further ado, let’s get started. 


How To Decorate Your Laptop: A Complete & Safe Guide

Whether you’re a student or professional, you can decorate your laptop or chromebooks to give it a fresh & new look. To help you with the decoration process, I’ve written this guidepost. This guide is divided into two segments – Decorating Laptop Lid & Decorating Laptop Keyboard. Let’s get started with the lid part first. 


Decorate Your Laptop Lid With Stickers

You’ll find two types of stickers – DIY Stickers & Stock Stickers. DIY stickers are the best if you know the proper procedure for making them. However, you can keep yourself from the sticker creating hassle by ordering stock stickers from online stores.


Top 5 Laptop Stickers For Your Laptop

If you don’t want to face the hassle of creating your own laptop stickers, you can buy them online. There are numerous collections of stock stickers available in the current market. You can use them on your laptop, phone, or tablet. Though you can have hundreds of sticker collection on online stores, here are the top 5 laptop stickers I personally liked: 


1. Cool Brand Stickers: 200pcs Under $10

Give your laptop new look



You’ll be getting 200 pcs of random brand stickers for only 10 dollars. It’s the cheapest deal you can have on this sticker market. Consider checking them out. 


2. Among Us Stickers: 50 Pcs Under $8

Among us stickers for laptop



Among Us has gained massive popularity in recent times. If you’re an Among Us game fan, then you will surely love this laptop sticker collection. You’ll be getting 50 pcs of Among Us stickers for just 8 dollars. 

3. VSCO Stickers: 50+ Pcs Under $5

Stickers for laptop decoration


For the VSCO fans out there, check out these 50+ pcs of VSCO stickers. You can use them on your phone or tablet too. They are cheaper than Among Us Stickers as it’s only 5 dollars for 50+ pcs of stickers. 

4. Mostek Stickers: 70+ Pcs Under $6

Customize your laptop with Mostek Stickers


If you’re a Mostek fan, then these stickers will surely suit you. You’ll be getting whooping 70+ pcs of Mostek stickers for just 6 dollars. There’s no reason for buying them if you like Mostek. 

5. Fngeen Random Stickers: 150 Pcs Under $9

Fngeen Random Stickers

 If you want Fngeen random stickers, then you can choose this package. You’ll be getting 150 pcs of Fngeen random stickers for just 9 bucks. 


DIY Stickers – Make Your Own Stickers

If you’re a crafter or have a decent knowledge of drawing, you can make your own laptop stickers. If you don’t know how to create laptop stickers, I’ll show the proper way of making DIY stickers. 

How To Create Laptop Stickers: A 4 Steps Guide

To create your own laptop stickers, follow these steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Choose the picture or pictures you want to stick on your laptop lid.  
  • Step 2: Instead of using normal paper, use sticker paper on your printer. 
  • Step 3: Customize them on any photo editing software (Offline or Online), & hit the print button. 
  • Step 4: Later on, use a scissor to cut out the stickers properly & stick them on the laptop lid. 


Decorate Your Laptop Using Fabric Covers & Skins

An easy way of decorating your laptop is by covering it with skins. Skins are great as they are cheap & covers the whole lid. It even prevents the lid from scratches & dust. Though skins can enhance the beauty of your laptop, it’s unable to protect it from heavy damages like falling from the table. 

If you’re looking for something that can protect your laptop and enhance the beauty, you should consider getting laptop covers. Now you’ll get covers of various materials. But I personally prefer fabric covers as they look very aesthetic. Follow this link below to see some of the best laptop fabric covers. 


Decorate Your Laptop Using Washi Tapes

Washi tape decoration

Ever heard of washi tapes? These are special kind of tape decorated with artistic patterns & designs. You don’t have to paint or create laptop stickers if you use washi tapes on your laptop. Just cut washi tape in pieces & stick it to your laptop lid. Check out these top-selling washi tapes from the online store. 


Best Ways Of Decorating Laptop Keyboard

Decorating your laptop isn’t complete until you decorate your laptop keyboard. If you’re wondering – how to decorate your laptop keyboard, then this segment is for you. I’ll mention some of the popular ways of decorating a laptop keyboard to complete this ‘how to decorate your laptop guide.’ 


Use RGB Keyboard: Great Choice For Gamers 

Whether your laptop comes with a backlit keyboard or not, you can use an RGB keyboard to enhance your laptop’s beauty. Please keep in mind that the RGB light keyboard will consume more power than the ordinary backlit keyboard or non-backlit keyboard. 


RGB Keyboard: For Backlit Keyboard Laptop

It’s fair to install an RGB keyboard on your laptop if your laptop already comes with a built-in backlit keyboard. I recommend getting this work done by professionals only. 


RGB Keyboard: For Non-Backlit Keyboard Laptop

It’s hard to install an RGB keyboard to a laptop that doesn’t feature any backlit keyboard. You’ll have to do some software work to get your newly installed RGB keyboard working. Don’t try this installation (keyboard & software) unless you’re an expert technician. 


Use Stickers: Affordable & Easy To Use 

RGB keyboards can be expensive for some of the users. Don’t worry if you fall into that category; I have an alternative way for you. You can use paper & stickers to decorate your laptop keyboard. 


How To Decorate Your Laptop Keyboard With Stickers 

You already know how to decorate your laptop lid with stickers. Now, let’s take it one step further. You can also decorate your laptop keyboard with stickers. To decorate your laptop keyboard with stickers, follow these steps:

Step 1: Collect your laptop’s printable keyboard picture from Google. 

Step 2: Choose the picture you want to have on your laptop keyboard. 

Step 3: Merge both of the images using photo editing software in a way that keys remain visible

Step 4: Use sticker paper on your printer instead of normal paper 

Step 5: Printout the edited picture & cut out the keys one by one

Step 6: The cutting process might sound very time consuming, but trust me – it won’t take more than 30 minutes. Later on, stick them to keys one by one.


Two Unusual Ways Of Decorating A laptop – Bonus For You 

Check out these unusual ways of decorating a laptop if you’re not interested in traditional ways of decorating a laptop. Apart from these, you can even add an External GPU to your laptop to enhance the beauty. However, you’ve to have EGPU capable laptop first.

Funny Flash Drive: Cheap & Beneficial Laptop Decorating Way

Have you ever smiled, seeing a funny flash drive? If yes, then you’re just like me! I’ve bought several funny flash drives just because they make me smile. It’s a great way to decorate the laptop too. If you’re interested in this unusual way of decorating a laptop, then this segment is for you. Here’re my two personal picks of Funny Flash Drives:


1. Red Lobster Thumb drive – 16/32/64 GB

RED LOBSTER thumb sdrive

Whether you’re a student or teacher, you’ll love this flash drive. I’ve personally used this product & I’m satisfied with the quality. Besides being a fun gadget, it does serves some great value too.


 2. Game Controller Thumb Drive – 16/32/64 GB

Game controller thumbs drive


I’ve bought this pen drive for my brother as he loves gaming. If you’re one of them who loves gaming, then this thumb drive is for you. You’ll get 16, 32 & 64 GB variation in this pen drive. Choose the one that fits your need.


Transparent Wallpaper: A Tricky & Creative Decorating Way

You can do this tricky decorating way with any laptop – windows & mac. By doing this, you & other viewers of the laptop will assume something transparent is happening with the laptop. To enable transparent wallpaper for decorating your laptop, follow these three steps below:

  • Step 1: Choose The Work Place You Frequently Use
  • Step 2: Take A Picture From The Laptop’s Position
  • Step 3: Set The Picture As Your Laptop Wallpaper

Please keep in mind; this trick is applicable only if you’re working from one place only. Avoid trying this trick if you’re carrying your laptop here & there.  

Precautions While Decorating Your Laptop

It’s okay to try new stuff while decorating your laptop. But please, don’t get carried away while doing so. Be careful while customizing the outer look of your laptop – lid & keyboard. Try maintaining these precautions mentioned below:

  • Cover your laptop’s port well while painting the lid 
  • Don’t push too hard while installing new skins or covers 
  • Don’t push the keys too hard while sticking stickers on them
  • Don’t try to install an RGB keyboard by yourself unless you’re an expert technician 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is It Safe To Spray Paint on a Laptop Case?

Yes, it’s safe to spray on a laptop case until you’re covering the ports properly. Also, don’t allow the paint to reach the display part as it can cause irreversible damages to the display. Just be cautious while spraying paint on your laptop case & everything should be fine. 


How Can I Paint My Laptop keyboard?

By using a small-sized brush & paint, you can paint your laptop keyboard. Be cautious doing this job as the paint shouldn’t reach inside the keyboard. I personally don’t recommend painting a laptop keyboard. If you really need to, you’re free to do so. 


How Do You Decorate Your Laptop With Washi Tape?

Washi tape is the easiest means of decorating the laptop. Put a piece of washi tape on your laptop & it will look great. Washi tape is a kind of tape that is decorated with painting & artistic patterns. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the painting part with washi tape as it’s already there. 


How Do You Change The Color Of Your Keyboard Light?

You can change the backlight light color by pressing <FN> + <C> keys to cycle through the backlight-colors variation. You’ll find four colors – Red, Green, White & Blue by default. However, you can add up to two custom colors to the cycle using the System Setup (BIOS). 



If you’re using your laptop too often for personal or professional purposes, then your laptop deserves some decoration for sure. Now you won’t have to ask the web how to decorate your laptop after reading this article. I hope this article was helpful, satisfying your queries regarding decorating a laptop lid & keyboard. I’ve listed almost all possible ways of decorating a laptop. Some of the works are DIY (Do It Yourself) type & some might need professionals to help such as replacing the keyboard with RGB keyboard.  



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