How To Make A Stolen Laptop Untraceable – Ultimate Guide

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Falling in the theft trap is easy in this fast-moving world. What I’m saying is – anybody can be a victim of buying a stolen laptop.

Because they’re nicely polished with screen cleaner and other chemicals to look like new!

It’s too easy for the theft to sell a nice looking laptop in the black market. If you aren’t familiar with black market then do a quick google search.

The problem is black market isn’t leveled as “Black Market” publicly. Because of that, some may take this as an ordinary market and get scammed.

But if you research enough, then you can get some great deal here! Yes, black market will cost you penny while buying something with much bargaining. To be fair, you can get an intact laptop under 200 bucks from authorized shops as well.

Buying a Laptop or Chromebook from an unauthorized shop is quite common in most countries. Because you can get the same laptop at a much cheaper price. If you know how to make a stolen laptop untraceable then you’ll enjoy these black markets!

The problem is, most of them are whether stolen or used or both!
If the previous owner tries, then he/she will find you if you don’t take necessary steps to protect yourself.

I Bought a stolen laptop – Now What?

How to make a stolen laptop untraceable

Yeah, I can feel you. Some might say you should handover it to the police. But hey! You paid bucks for that laptop. How can you give it away?

There are some sneaky ways to make a laptop untraceable. Windows laptops are mostly vulnerable. But if you bought a Mac and wish to make it untraceable-then it’s not happening.

But Keep in mind. It’s a stolen laptop. Tricks and tips may not be on your side always. Be cautious about doing anything to that laptop.

Can I Use A Stolen Laptop?

Of course, you can! Many people are using stolen laptops on a daily basis. Not all of them are theft! They’re just victims like you.

But you’ve to be very careful while making your laptop safe AKA “Untraceable”.
If you failed to do so, then you might get caught. That isn’t a pleasant thing to happen.

Luckily, most of people aren’t aware of taking necessary steps to make their laptop anty-theft. They just don’t care about the security of their very own laptop.

We are going to use this security hole to make the stolen laptop untraceable. If you’re currently using a laptop, I will urge you to take proper steps to make your beloved laptop anty-theft.

You can follow this guide to make your laptop traceable after being robbed or forgotten somewhere.

How To Prevent A Stolen Laptop From Being Tracked

Preventing from being tracked

There’re several ways to make a laptop untraceable or preventing from being tracked. Most of them just don’t work.

But I will solely try to fix your problem with these three techniques.
I’m hopeful that you will find these tips helpful.

Note: Never connect to the internet as the tracking system might be on via IP address.

So let’s get started.

Disabling Anti-theft Setting

Go into BIOS and disable the anti-theft setting. Which might be called “Intel AT” or something like that. You may find difficulty disabling the anti-theft setting.

Don’t worry, I got your back. Some BIOS is protected via password.

If BIOS is password-protected, use the motherboard jumper to reset it, or pull both the main battery and the BIOS battery and give it 20s before plugging back in.

This should have solved most of the cases. If you still find yourself stuck, then sorry. You’re out of luck.

Installing New OS

Boot from removable media with an OS installer, wipe the partitions and perform a new clean OS install.

Switching From macOS to Windows

If it’s a Macbook, you may need to switch it to Windows, since MacOS may still contact the cloud and discover that you have a laptop that’s been reported stolen

Replacing Hard Disk

Replacing hard drive for making laptop untraceable

Remove the HDD/SSD. If possible, remove soldered networking chips too.
Now put a new HDD/SSD. If possible, format it in NTFS or FAT32 or EXT4 if you’re running Linux.
Be sure to factory reset/format all of the software which is used internally.

Disabling Windows Hibernation

This is the last tips. In this part, I am going to answer the most popular question- how to make a stolen laptop untraceable by just disabling hibernation?

Note down, these are for Windows Vista 7/10 users.

  •  Open the Control Panel
  •  Go to System and security
  • Click on Power Options.
  • Now click on Change plan settings
  • Then follow ‘Change propelled power settings. Extend ‘Rest,’ at that point grow ‘Rest After.’ Enter “0″ for ‘Setting:’ to set sleep to ‘Never.’

Now you successfully disabled your windows hibernation.

Staying Anonymous Can Make Your Day

After doing all those hard work, you should make your laptop untraceable already. But who knows, if failed to do so?

That’s why you should stay anonymous while using the internet. When you connect the laptop with internet, then anything can happen.

Remember? I warned you about connecting the internet before making a laptop fully untraceable. Yes, it’s that dangerous.

But don’t worry. I have tips for being anonymous as well. Just follow them and you’ll be alright.

5 Pro Tips Of Anonymity

1. Always use namelessness devices

2. Keep your IP address hidden.

3. Hide your records in an encoded holder.

4. Never talk about hacking/stolen laptop to anybody. They might create problems in the future.

5. Avoid visiting the website without an SSL certificate.

VPNs Are Actually Useful!

I know you’re already fed up seeing VPN ads literally everywhere. But let me tell you something, VPNs are actually useful.

I said earlier, you should hide your IP. Sure there are several ways to hide one’s IP address. But using a high-quality VPN can really help you with that.

Don’t fall for the “Free VPN”. They are often useless in hiding IP. You may get access to the websites looked in your country with these free VPNs. But they don’t really hide your IP.

If you’re willing to pay some bucks for the sake of your security then I would like to recommend some VPNs. These are some of the best VPNs of the market right now:

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Surf Shark
  • Cyber Ghost
  • IP Vanish

1. Nord VPN

You have already heard of Nord VPN. This VPN has a lot of potentialities. I mean, it not only changes your IP but also gives enormous features.

This VPN is user-friendly and comfortable with all windows versions.

You will get access to more than 5400+ servers situated in 60 countries. Nord VPN allows you to use 6 devices with one account.

2. Express VPN

Express VPN is another great VPN for windows and Mac. You can enjoy 4k videos and download torrents from any server.

This VPN managed to have 3000+ high-speed servers in more than 160 locations.

You don’t have to worry about your privacy, as Express VPN uses 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, an automatic kill switch.

3. Surf Shark

Surf Shark comes with CleanWeb technology. This actually helps with blocking ads, trackers, malware, and most importantly phishing attempts.

Only this VPN allows you to use unlimited amount of devices at the same time. Most of the VPNs put a limit on the device amount. So it’s undoubtedly a great advantage.

This VPN does more than just making a laptop untraceable. You can get access you international streaming sites like Netflix, HBO, GO, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer with this VPN.

4. Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost is as powerful as Nord VPN. They have more than 5700 servers across 90 countries.

This VPN allows you to use 7 devices at the same time. All of the devices will get one-click setup. Means your devices will be protected within seconds after restarting.

Cyber Ghost actually build dedicated profiles for each of their clients. This helps them optimized their user experience. This is an advance steps taken by this company.

5. IP Vanish

IP Vanish is a weak VPN in comparison to other VPNs of this list. But this VPN allows you to unblock Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

This supports P2P connections and also offers you SOCKS5 for torrenting safely. Torrenting is illegal and can cost you a lot when you get caught. But IP Vanish can assure you safety while torrenting.

This VPN offers more than 1200 servers in 60 countries. And it’s user-friendly interface is quite impressive. IP Vanish also comes with DNS leak protection and a built-in kill switch for windows.

Some Of The Best VPN Alternatives

There are some people who don’t want to use a VPN. Whether it’s for protecting yourself from a hacker or disabling trackers, you should use an alternative.

VPN is one-click security, which means you don’t have to bother with the technical side of making yourself untraceable.

If you want to play with the security yourself, then use these alternatives.

1. Proxies


Proxies allow you to hide your IP manually. You will found lots of proxy for free of cost. Here’s is a quick website that can help you.

But note down, they will be public proxy. Meaning anybody can use them.

If you’re looking for a private proxy server, then you have to buy a premium proxy service. That cost defers from vendor to vendor.

2. Web Proxies

Make laptop untraceable

Web proxies can also help you hide your IP while browsing the internet. Usually, web proxies forward HTTP requests.

These proxies do the actual middle man job. Hidester is one of the best proxy service providers. Just put your URL and surf the web anonymously.

It is as simple as that. Still, if you find difficulty using proxy or web proxy, then you pay some extra bucks to buy premium services.


Buying a stolen laptop is a real headache. The problem is you can’t find the theft for a refund or anything like that. All you can do is- take it or lose it.

As most of the buyers, you will most likely use it. But there’s always a chance of being chased by the owner.

So you should make the laptop fully untraceable. This guide- “How to Make A Stolen Laptop Untraceable” should help you with that.

Again, I’m not assuring that it will work 100%. It may work or may not work. Defends on the laptop and the owner of course. Good Luck!

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