Best Mini Laptop Under $200

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Hello everyone, let us welcome you to our list of 10 best mini laptop under $200. Here we will inform you about the best budget laptops within your budget.

Budget Laptops are likely to have less configuration than expensive laptops. But don’t you even worry about that. We have pulled the best value for money laptop for you.


These might be not that super cool as the price is low, but it will certainly satisfy you with your daily works. Before that, let’s see who should really consider buying a laptop in this price range.

Buyer’s Guide: Who Should Buy A 200 Dollars Laptop?

These laptops can handle your daily works with ease. If you’re a student and have to work on assignment daily then we will recommend you these laptops. Also, students don’t have that much budget for buying a laptop. So these will be the best choice for students.

The article writer can also be pleased with these laptops. Most of these budget laptops are lightweight. So if you’re an article writer and love to travel a lot, then you can pick one of these laptops. They are of low cost and low weight.

In the end, we can say that all of the general computer users can use these budget laptops. Because general usage doesn’t need that much of RAM which these laptops aren’t’ able to offer.

There are lot’s people won’t bother to buy a laptop costing less than 200 bucks. They might spend some extra cash to get a gaming laptop. If you’re one of them and you really like casual gaming, then I would suggest to check our guide regarding casual gaming laptops.

Who Should Not Buy A 200 Dollars Laptop?

Of course, these budget laptops are not for everybody. And there are lots of people exist who don’t even know a laptop can cost less than $200. We will highly discourage gamers to not buy any of these laptops. Because these laptops are not that good for gamers in any way. So if you’re a gamer and mistakenly visited this page, we will recommend our casual gaming laptops post. You can have some really good laptop idea within your budget. Most of them are under $500.

What Can You Have From A $200 Laptop?

Before starting the review season, we would like to inform you about the specification of an average $200 laptop. So that you don’t get disappointed after the review season.

Though you can have the laptops from famous laptops brands you can’t have fast processors like their other laptops. Most of these laptops will have an Intel Celeron or Intel Atom processor. These processors are good enough to handle light tasks or daily basis works.

If your working can be done with a 2GB RAM or 4GB then you can have these laptops. Because most the laptops under $200 will offer you 2GB RAM. And if you’re lucky enough then you can also get some 4GB RAM mini-budget laptop.

Top 10 Best Mini Laptops Under $200 of 2021

1. HP STREAM – Best for Students & Businessman

HP Stream
(Image Credit: HP)

Our first top pick is from HP. This brand released some awesome budget laptop under $200. HP STREAM is one of them. This laptop is powered by Intel Celeron N4000 processor. This processor is strong enough to handle programs like MS Office, Skype, Chrome browser and so on.

This mini laptop’s battery can be a core satisfaction for its user. The battery life is more than 12hours. Also, this laptop offers 4GB of DDR4 and an SSD of 32GB. This HP laptop got an improved Wi-Fi antenna for stronger and better quality internet connections.

This laptop is the best value for money for the students and businessmen. As they don’t have that enough time to charge the laptop very often. Thanks to its battery capacity. This laptop is easy to carry and its display size is 11.6-inch and it fully HD display. Resolution is also good. It’s 1366 by 768 resolution.

The HP Stream is powered by Windows 10S. You can install your necessary applications from the Microsoft store with ease. This will also ensure that you don’t get into trouble installing from other platforms. Also, you have the option to disable S mode.

Overall this is one of the best mini laptops under 200 bucks. Consider checking this laptop if you’re a student. It is a great laptop to have as a student.

  • Powerful Processor – Intel Celeron N400
  • Best for Students & Businessman
  • Comes with S mode

  • Comparetably Smaller Display

2. ASUS L402WA- EH21 – Best Budget Choice

(Image Credit: ASUS)

There are plenty of people who want a portable along with budget laptop under $200. We hear from you! ASUS L402WA- EH21 is one of your desired laptops. This laptop is famous for its sensitive touchpad. You may don’t like this in your first attempt, but you will surely love it after several days of using.

This laptop got enough hardware power to handle your daily tasks. Like editing documents, reading ebooks, watching movies, browsing and so on. That means you don’t have to worry about delays in your daily tasks using this mini laptop.

It has some strong specification under its hood. You will get a processor of 1.5GHz, RAM of 4GB and 32GB of eMMC SSD. Graphics is also good, it’s a Radeon R2 graphics. These specifications are hard to find in a $200 budget laptop. Thanks to our expert team for testing out these budget laptops and listing it in our list.

Talking about the display, you will get a 14-inch display which is of decent resolution. Its an HD display with the resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. This display resolution is good enough for enjoying youtube video and movies.

Last, of all, this laptop comes with pre-installed Windows 10S. That means you will enjoy the applications of Microsoft Store without any difficulty. You can also disable the S mode to free yourself from the boundary of Microsoft Store.

  • Large Display of 14 inches
  • Sturdy Built Quality on Budget
  • Powerful Graphics – Radeon R2

  • Doesn’t Come With Windows 10 Official

3. LENOVO CHROMEBOOK S300 – Best Overall

(Image Credit: Lenovo)

After some Windows 10S laptops, we have a Chrome OS laptop for you. If you don’t like windows 10S then this laptop can be a good choice for you. Lenovo Chromebook S 300 is one of the best mini laptop under 200 dollars. This laptop design may disturb some, but trust us it’s a new model laptop in the market.

The main attraction of this laptop is it’s security features. This is a laptop with high security and virus protection provided by chrome OS. If you’re comfortable with Microsoft Office applications, then you can use them in this laptop too. This laptop has enough memory and storage to handle your daily works without any error or lag.

We will especially recommend this laptop to writers. This laptop is incredibly portable and also offers a pleasant writing experience. Writers need to think and write at the same time. So they must need a laptop which doesn’t feel crappy while writing some important article.
Lenovo Chromebook S300 is powered by Intel Core processor also have RAM of 4GB. This is enough RAM for handling daily usage. Even, it can handle multitasking too.

This is an overall good laptop for general usage. We have tasted some lightweight games too on this laptop. And we’re surprised to see them running smoothly.

  • Solid Built Quality & Sleek Design
  • Powered by Intel Core Processor
  • Best for Writers
  • Can’t Handle Frequent Gaming


HP STREAM LAPTOP PC 11-Y010NR Best mini laptop under 200 dollars
(Image Credit: HP)

There are some people who need more ports and slots than the general mass. If you’re one them then congrats! We have picked HP Steam 11-Y010NR for you. You will get some extra slots and ports to use your daily drivers without any problem.

This mini laptop has a display of 11-inch. This handy laptop doesn’t require much space and also easy to carry while travelling. This laptop will provide you with 4GB RAM. This much RAM is pretty decent considering its price. You will also get a 32GB SSD but you can use your cloud storage for storing your heavy files.

The battery backup of this laptop is impressive like HP STREAM. You can use this laptop up to 11 hours with a single charge. So you can travel without the fear running out of battery.

This Laptop is powered by Intel Celeron Dual Core processor. This processor might be a slower processor for some of you, but it is fast enough to meet the daily necessaries. With Windows 10 operating system, you can please yourself with smooth user experience.

This laptop is pretty good considering its price. In $200 budget mini laptop you can’t expect higher specification than this laptop. Consider checking this laptop for a better idea about $200 budget laptop.

  • Rich in USB drive ports
  • All Day Battery Life – 11 hours
  • Travel Friendly

  • Thick Bezel


(Image Credit: Acer)

Acer is one of the top brands to provide the best value for money when it comes to budget laptops. Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C2SZ can provide you with all the shorts of specification you can expect from a $200 budget laptop. That’s why this laptop has ensured its position is our “Best Mini Laptop Under 200$” list.

The pleasant thing is, this laptop doesn’t even cost $200. It’s below somewhere around 150 bucks. This laptop run through Chrome OS. If you don’t like Chrome OS then simply change it to Windows OS. Unlike other Chromebook, this has some extra ports. So that you can use them when necessary. Let us inform you that, you can have a boost to your internet connection through wired connectivity.

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ offers 2GB of DDR3SL SDRAM and 16 GB of SSD. That 2GB ram may seem insufficient to some, but it is fairly enough for daily usage. It also comes with Intel HD graphics which will ensure your full satisfaction while watching HD movies and videos.

As we mentioned before, this is an all in one package. You’ll get all the features of a budget laptop in this laptop.

Consider checking this laptop if you want the best value for money.

  • Longer Battery Life – 13Hours
  • Solid Built Quality
  • Full Sized Keyboard – Best for Writers

  • Lesser RAM – 2GB


(Image Credit: ASUS)

You will find plenty of used laptop with good specification within $200. But if you’re looking for a brand new laptop with good specification at $200, then it will be a tough task for you. In this case, we would like to suggest you Asus Vivobook E200HA-US01-GD. This laptop is packed with all the possible features for a budget laptop. The main attraction of this laptop is its hardware components

This laptop comes with a polymer battery which will ensure battery backup up to 13hours. This battery life makes this laptop a really good deal. Again, this laptop is powered by Windows 10 and free Office subscription of 1year.

Keyboard section is quite satisfactory. You will enjoy writing through its full-size chiclet keyboard. The touchpad is also enough sensitive to work smoothly.

Unlike other budget laptops, you can choose a number of colours while buying this laptop. These are blue, gold and grey. The gold one looks premium than other colour variants.

This laptop surprised us with its awesome specification in this budget range. This laptop is lightweight, have excellent battery life and also a great pair of speakers. We will recommend you to put this laptop in your priority list while buying your budget laptop under $200. Because this laptop is really worth it.

  • Longer Battery Life – 13Hours
  • Rich in Colour Variants
  • Full Sized Keyboard – Best for Writers
  • Lesser RAM

7. ACER TRAVELMATE – Best For Travel Enthusiast

(Image Credit: Acer)

Acer is one of the high-performance laptop providers in the market. All of their laptops are up to mark. Acer Travelmate is also one of them. Among numerous advantages, we liked its battery longevity. Also, it has a pretty decent design.

This laptop is especially good for students. It is very lightweight and capable of doing daily works with ease. Students can carry this laptop without having any problem. Its battery life ensures that it can run thought out the day.

This laptop is powered by an Intel Celeron Processor. Also, it comes with a 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC SSD. These hardware units are enough to handle your daily works without lagging. The software unit is also rich in this laptop. You will get a built-in Windows 10 professional.

Acer Travelmate offers an 11.6 inch HD display. You can enjoy movies and videos on this high-quality display. It has a UHD graphics 605 for your smooth using experience.

Overall this laptop is suitable for students. Who doesn’t need to do heavy tasks on their laptops? So, in this case, Acer Travelmate will be a sweet deal for the students. Consider checking this laptop if you’re a student.

  • Bigger RAM – 4GB
  • Easily Handles Daily Tasks
  • Powerful Graphics – Intel UHD Graphics 605

  • Bulky Body


(Image Credit: ASUS)

Asus is a brand of trust. Even their low budget laptops have 1 year of international warranty. Asus C202SA Chromebook is one of their best budget laptops. If you’re not sure about other laptops durability then you can pick this laptop without further thinking.

Talking about durability, this laptop is a beast. It can survive drops of 4 feet and can survive a long time even if you use it roughly. And the most important news is, this laptop is water-resistant.

Under the hood, you will find 4GB of RAM and 16GB of eMMC SSD. 4GB RAM is more than enough for a mini-budget laptop under 200 bucks. You can use it as your daily driver. Again, this laptop is powered by Intel Celeron N3060 processor.

In normal use, you can get power backup for up to 10 hours. Which is just enough. With the help of updated hardware and software, you can expect a smooth experience using this laptop. Asus C202SA Chromebook is powered by Intel GMA HD graphics. With this graphics, you can enjoy light games flawlessly.

If you’re looking for something called “perfection”, then we will suggest you this laptop.

  • Comfortable With Lightweight Games
  • Powerful Processor – Intel Celeron N3060
  • Water Resistant

  • Smaller Sized Display


(Image Credit: Dell)

We have our last reviewed laptop from Dell. Dell provides the best value for money to its consumer. We have noticed it too while testing Dell Inspiron I3542-602BLK. This laptop built quality is up to mark.

This laptop has a large display of 14 inches. Though the display is big and it is very portable. So you don’t have to worry about it while travelling. It has included some very important ports and slots too. So you can use them when necessary

Dell Inspiron I3542-602BLK is powered by Intel Celeron processor N3050. And it has a RAM of 2GB and SSD of 32 GB. You can use an external device or SD card too for storing your files.

This laptop is packed with Windows 10 and it works very smoothly. So you don’t have to worry about the operating system. As you can see it has slightly less RAM, but it can handle daily tasks like Facebooking, browsing, shopping and so on. It can be a great choice for businessmen. It is handy and easy to carry while traveling.

Considering the price and overall specifications, Dell Inspiron could be a sweet deal in this budget range. We the experts think that it is one of the best budget laptops under $200. We’ll suggest you check this laptop because we personally loved it.


  • HD 14 Inches Display
  • Powered by Windows 10
  • SSD of 32 GB

  • Smaller RAM – 2GB


(Image Credit: Lenovo)

Lenovo is one of the leading brands in the computer industry. We listed their Lenovo Ideapad 210S for its awesome specification. You’ll get a decent amount of features in this laptop which is pretty enough for a general user.

This laptop offers a 2GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC flash storage. This is a little lower for the movie lover who likes to store their favourite movies. In this case, they can be helped by cloud storages.

This laptop got a classy look. And no surprise some people may not like this design. But this is from Lenovo and you can’t expect a bad design from this brand. This is just classy and made for a number of people.

After the hardware section, let’s discuss the software section of this laptop. You will get Windows 10 built-in. The battery capacity is also impressive. It will last up to 8 hours.
Lenovo Ideapad 210S supported by Intel HD graphics. So, you can enjoy some of the casual games without any difficulty.

Overall this is a budget-friendly mini laptop and won’t cost you more than $200.

  • Best for Casual Gaming
  • Powerful Graphics – Intel HD Graphics
  • Built in Windows 10

  • Lesser RAM – 2GB


After seeing these 10 best mini laptops under 200bucks, you probably have got an idea of $200 budget laptops. If you’re still confused with your decision and wants my recommendation, then I would recommend “LENOVO CHROMEBOOK S300“, It’s a great user-friendly laptop that comes with a sturdy body.

If you’re a person who likes casual gaming, then you should raise your budget to $500. Only then you can enjoy casual games smoothly. Until that you can use one of these top 10 laptops as your daily driver.

You’ll be glad to know, we have hand tested all of these laptops before creating this guide for you. It is because we care about our readers.

NOTE: You might already using a laptop now. If you’re searching for a screen cleaning kit, then our screen cleaning guide may help you. We’ve listed some of the best laptop screen cleaning kits of the market.


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