Best Standing Desks For Elementary Students

Everybody has heard of the benefit of a standing desk. However, most of the talk remains round home and offices. Recently, some schools authority started to implement this desk in their school. A standing desk can help students in many ways.


How standing desks can help students focus in the classroom?


According to Dr. James Levine,

“Movement at school can improve grades by 15%”

Sure this indicates that students are focusing more while standing. Just think in this way, if the student sits for 45-60miniutes straight they will get bored anyway.

It’s seen that students often feel bored and tired with lectures where they don’t have anything to do rather listening.

In that case, if the school authority starts using a standing desk, that may help. That’s because their standing will send signals to their brain that they’re doing “something”.

That’s why they can make themselves more attentive. This is very important for elementary school because students learn a lot of new things in this period. So maximizing their attention toward study is highly recommended.

In this post, I will recommend some of the best standing desk for elementary students. Whether you’re a teacher or parents, you can pick one from this list.


Standing Desk For Student With ADHD

Some students may have ADHD. A standing desk is a blessing towards them. As we know, students with ADHD have often faced difficulty while studying attentively.

If the school authority converts their regular desk to standing desk then it’ll be a great help for them. Moreover, not only students with ADHD will be helped, the regular students will be helped as well.


Top 5 best standing Desks For elementary students


1. Safco Adjustable Desk

Safco sdjustable desk for students

In recent times, many schools and universities are using standing desks. They are easily adjustable by leg.

Safco adjustable desk is durable. It’s made of commercial-grade tubular steel. And it’s sturdy base helps it coping with any tough classroom situation.

Students can adjust this desk from 26 inches to 42 inches. However, if they want to sit sometime they can. It is not an all standing desk.

This desk is coated with black powder to resist chipping and scratching for years of use.

Consider checking this desk, if you want a decent adjustable standing desk.

  • Made of steel
  • Adjustable Height
  • Primary Height 26”; Extended Height 42”
  • Durable (Chemical and fire-resistant)

  • No moving wheel included

2. Flash Adjustable Desk

Flash adjustable desk

Flash Furniture made this awesome desk. The special part of this desk is, it comes with an open book box. It’s a wide desk with spacious 23.625” W by 17.75”D workstation.

Students can easily keep their books and laptop on this desk. If they need to store some of their books then there is a drawer for that. This is one of the best cheap standing desks for students.

Students will feel comfortable using this desk, as it has plenty of legroom.This desk is lacking in color variants. Only black is available at this moment.

  • Included a book box
  • Wide workstation
  • Bookbag hooks n both sides of the desk.
  • Primary Height 26”; Extended Height 31.5”

  • Lack of color variants


3. SDADI adjustable standing desk

SDADi adjustable standing desk

This desk is suitable for home use. If you have a son or daughter of the elementary level, then you can purchase this desk. This desk is easily convertible from seating to standing.

SDADI adjustable desk can be used by adults too. People under 5.9 feet can use this desk without any problem.

Most of the elementary and high school students often feel bored sitting for a long time. This desk can help them studying for long at home too.

The primary height of this desk is 21 inches. However, you can extend it to 45inches. That height is enough for any elementary student.

  • Height adjustable
  • Primary Height 21”; Extended Height 45”
  • Lifetime support
  • Suitable for home use

  • Not suitable for classroom


4. Amazon Basics

Amazon basics

This table is majorly for group work. This isn’t a single student table, rather a group of students can use this table.

However, most of the time students need to do some group work. In that time this table can be a great help.

This 30 by 48 inches rectangular table can handle students from toddlers to teens.

The primary height of this table is 19 inches. This height can be extended to 30 inches without any problem.

Amazon basics come with a 1-year limited warranty. This might be the bad side of this table. Otherwise, this table can be a great fit for any classroom. This is one of the common standing desk for school at this moment.

  • Group work-friendly
  • 4 or more students can use this at a time
  • Primary Height 19”; Extended Height 30”
  • Made of MDF

  • Not suitable for home use
  • 1 year limited warranty


5. Luxor Adjustable Desk

Luxor adjustable standing desk

This desk is similar to the first desk, Safco adjustable desk.

However, Luxor covered this desk with modern gray color. Which looks absolutely gorgeous.

If students feel bored sitting or standing, they can always do the switch. The primary height of this desk is 24.5 inches. This height can be extended to 42 inches.

The height of this desk is adjustable. As student’s comfortable height varies from students to students, this facility can be a great help. In spite of the difficulty of assembly, this desk is my personal favorite standing desk for elementary students.

Pros & Cons

  • Primary Height 24.5”; Extended Height 42”
  • Meets ANSI/BIFMA and CPSIA standards.
  • Easy to use
  • Hex wrench easily adjusts four legs

  • Assembly can be bit tough


We often see students aren’t that attentive to their lectures. That’s because they feel bored just sitting in one place. A decent adjustable standing desk can help your students being more attentive.





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